Yarding 510 Change –690
Numbers more than halved. The quality of the yarding was quite good, with only limited numbers of lean types available. Most buyers were at the while one Queensland processors returned after a short absence.

The better finished beef cows sold to solid competition to average 231c/kg. The D2 and D3 medium weight types sold to stronger demand at times due to lack of supply. The bulk sold from 194c to 218c/kg. A good selection of bulls sold to the usual group of processors. The better shaped bulls making from 248c to 280c/kg


Yarding 1420 Change –1140
Numbers dropped significantly on the back of last week’s cheaper trend. Cattle prices showed signs of stabilizing after struggling to find a base the previous sale. Vealers were well supplied along with a very good selection of yearling steers and heifers. Heavy cattle numbers declined and quality was quite good. It was the usual group of buyers in attendance however not all Queensland processors operated.

Demand for vealers was solid with the steer portion unchanged. The pick of the vealers sold from 255c to 315c/kg. Well finished trade weight steers were unchanged, averaging 286c/kg. Trade weight heifer prices gained 4c/kg. The better shaped heifers made from 240c to 286c/kg. The heavy export market sold to erratic competition with some companies operating sporadically. Heavy C3 steers averaged 9c lower to record a top price of 277c/kg. C4 bullocks sold 9c dearer making from 250c to 300c/kg. Crossbred steers made from 230c to 264c/kg