20 MAY 2020

Yarding 810
Change 135

On the back of last week’s dearer market numbers increased. Most buyers were present, and all were operating in a significantly dearer
The better finished beef cows ignited the bidding selling up to 12c dearer to record a top price of 340c/kg. The D2 and D3 medium weight
types sold to firm to 10c/kg dearer. Prices ranged from 252 to 303c/kg. The dairy portion made from 216c to 277c/kg.
A mixed selection of bulls sold to the usual group of processors. The better shaped bulls eased 30c selling from 273c to 310c/kg.

19 MAY 2020

Yarding 900
Change 350

On the back of last week’s dearer market, numbers increased significantly. A large percentage of the offering was cattle suitable for the trade
and export. Some feedlot buyers were active making it tough for domestic buyers to match prices. It was the usual field of buyers in
attendance and all were operating.
Domestic trade buyers did at times deliver some excellent price results at the top end, however other prices fluctuated causing a big price
variation due to the lack of quality. Well finished trade steers gained 5c to 8c making 380c to 410c/kg. The better shaped heifers sold to
stronger price trends driven by feedlot competition. Trade heifers sold at 372c to 410c/kg. Prices for vealers softened which was a reflection on
quality and weight. The better finished vealers sold from 390 to 412c/kg. Feeder steers were in limited numbers with well-bred steers
unchanged, making from 360c to 409c/kg. Feeder heifers sold to strong demand gaining 10c, making from 360c to 400c/kg.
Well finished heavy bullocks and steers were in shorter supply. The better-quality pens of prime heavy steers and bullocks jumped 13c to
30c/kg pushed along by demand from America. The bulk of the steers sold from 330c to 382c/kg. Both bullocks and heavy steers were
purchased by processors to be fattened on grass, these steers made from 345c to 385c/kg.