28 JULY 2020

Yarding     770
Change     -230

Agents penned a small winter yarding of very mixed quality cattle. Not all the regular buying group were in attendance, however, all were keen
to participate with prices lifting across all categories. Veal numbers and quality weakened this week, however, prices remained strong with
most calves selling 2c to 10c/kg dearer. The pick of the steers sold from 400c to 420c and heifers made from 365c to 370c/kg.

A small buying group competed on the finished yearling portion with prices remaining firm. Trade steers made from 400c to 420c and heifers
reached 378c/kg. There were a number of unfinished pens suiting the few feedlot buyers with steers gaining 5c to 30c, selling from 374c to
418c, with heifers making from 356c to 390c, lifting 5c/kg.

The grown steer and bullock run regained some lost ground from last week with gains up to 25c/kg in places. Well finished steers made from
342c to 390c, whilst bullocks reached 388c/kg.

29 JULY 2020