Yarding 2280 Change 1251

Agents penned over double the numbers for a mixed quality yarding. The usual export and domestic buyers were present joined by northern
processors again. The market trend fluctuated with domestic processors going the extra mile on some excellent trade cattle available.
Veal numbers weakened this week along with prices. The quality was still good, however, across the veal category prices eased 10c/kg. Vealer
steers made between 290c and 310c and the heifers sold between 282c to 324c/kg. The best of the trade weight steers gained 4c making
between 276c to 326c to average 306c with the best of the trade heifers jumping 16c making 262c to 315c/kg. Restockers were not so active
today with prices reaching 277c/kg for a pen of yearling steers.
Feeder steers were in reasonable supply with the heavy weight steers selling up to 314c and the lighter weights making between 246c to
285c/kg. Feeder heifer prices gained some momentum lifting up to 13c making between 246c to 276c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks were
again in good supply, however, the market struggled to find a floor with prices easing 5c to 8c/kg. Heavy C4 grown steers and bullocks made
between 283c to 286c/kg. Prices also slipped for the heavy grown heifers making 267c to 307c, to be 9c/kg cheaper.