Yarding 500 Change –150

Numbers were slightly down this week at Wodonga with the majority of the yarding made up of cows. There were no young cattle yarded. The usual field of buyers were present however not all operating.
The better quality finished beef cows were well supplied and sold 15c dearer, averaging 253.3c/kg. The D2 and D3 medium weight types sold from 190c to 235c/kg. The dairy portion made from 200c to 230c/kg. A good selection of bulls were sold to processors of which the better, heavy weight bulls made from 255c to 288c/kg.

Yarding 1400 Change –500

Numbers eased significantly for a spring yarding. Fewer numbers at selling centres and more buyer activity kept the market buoyant. There was only a limited offering of secondary stock, with most yearling and heavy cattle grass finished. Cattle suitable for export and heavy domestic orders were in reduced supply.
Demand for vealers fluctuated due to the mixed quality, which contributed to a cheaper trend, easing 11c/kg and more for the heifer portion.
The pick of the vealers sold from 270c to 318c/kg. Well finished trade weight steers sold 3c cheaper, averaging 307c/kg. Trade weight heifers gained 2c/kg. The better shaped heifers suitable for the trade made from 270c to 306c/kg.
The heavy export market sold to solid demand from the south, while northern buyers were very selective. Heavy C3 steers improved 7c, averaging 321c/kg. C4 bullocks sold 4c cheaper which was due in part to quality to average 316c/kg.