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Corowa Weekly Market Report

COROWA WEEKLY MARKET 11/11/2019 Yarding 21352 Lamb 11971 Sheep 9381 Change 7452 Change 2015 Change 5437 Lamb numbers lifted and the quality was good. There was a good run of trade and heavy lambs and an increase in light weights and a few more lambs drying off. There were a few extra pens of shorn lambs and most of the lamb market comprised of new season lambs. The market sold to varying trends on lamb quality but was slightly stronger

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NVLX Cattle Market Report

NVLX CATTLE MARKET REPORT— 12/11/2019Yarding 2280 Change 1251Agents penned over double the numbers for a mixed quality yarding. The usual export and domestic buyers were present joined by northernprocessors again. The market trend fluctuated with domestic processors going the extra mile on some excellent trade cattle available.Veal numbers weakened this week along with prices. The quality was still good, however, across the veal category prices eased 10c/kg. Vealersteers made between 290c and 310c and the heifers sold between 282c to

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Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market Report

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market – 7/11/2019 Yarding 222 Change -120 A much lighter yarding of 222 head came forward at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange. This was just 120 less than last week and comprised of 210 young cattle & 12 cows. Quality was good however there were few grown steers penned. A good selection of heifers of all weights and the vealers on offer were good quality but the heifer calves were carrying too much condition. Only 12 cows were

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