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Corowa Weekly Market Report

COROWA WEEKLY MARKET 14/10/2019 Yarding 23930 Lamb 17000 Sheep 6930 Change 6890 Change 3530 Change 3360 A combination of no sale last week due to the public holiday along with the season in the supply area closing in resulted in agents penning close to 24,000 sheep and lambs. The quality was very good across all categories with a lot more weight being offered amongst the new season lambs and a good number of pens of sheep weighing excess of 30kg.

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NVLX Cattle Market Report

NVLX CATTLE MARKET REPORT— 16/10/2019 Yarding 500 Change –150 Numbers were slightly down this week at Wodonga with the majority of the yarding made up of cows. There were no young cattle yarded. The usual field of buyers were present however not all operating. The better quality finished beef cows were well supplied and sold 15c dearer, averaging 253.3c/kg. The D2 and D3 medium weight types sold from 190c to 235c/kg. The dairy portion made from 200c to 230c/kg. A

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Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market Report

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market – 17/10/2019Yarding 441 Change +113A heavier yarding of 444 head were presented to buyers at Wangaratta Livestock Exchange. This was just 113 more than last week and comprised of 416 young cattle, 25 cows and 1 Bulls.Quality was not up to that of last week with fewer grown steers and heifers penned, there were no lot fed yearlings on offer and only a few milk vealers. 25 cows were on offer.Demand was limited for the grown

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