Yarding 23930 Lamb 17000 Sheep 6930
Change 6890 Change 3530 Change 3360

A combination of no sale last week due to the public holiday along with the season in the supply area closing in resulted in agents penning close to 24,000 sheep and lambs. The quality was very good across all categories with a lot more weight being offered amongst the new season lambs and a good number of pens of sheep weighing excess of 30kg. A full field of buyers were present and joined by a southern
restocker adding some pressure in the heavy trade and heavy lamb categories. The bidding was erratic at time with prices fluctuating, however, the result was stronger price trend across the whole market.
The quality of new season lambs was mostly fresh with the occasional pen looking a little dry in the skin. Light and medium trade lambs jumped $4 to $9 with strong competition between supermarkets selling between $156 and $190/head. Heavy trade weights lifted $1 remaining pretty steady making between $187 and $203/head to average 815c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs were highly sort after with restockers and processors going neck and neck at times lifting prices up $2 selling between $202 to $218/head. Export buyers were offered some great lambs this week with some very heavy new season lambs, with some weighing over 30kg. Heavy export lamb category, 26kg to 30kg, sold between $220 and $242 to average 809c/kg cwt and the over 30kg lambs made up to $272/head.
A very good selection of heavy and trade weight mutton was available with buyers all keen to participate. Well finished heavy 4 score crossbred ewes made between $167 to $202/head to average 569/kg cwt. The Merino 4 score ewes reached $196 and the 2 and 3 score ewes sold between $121 and $154 jumping up to $14/head in places.