YARDING     7882        LAMB          6486      SHEEP           1396
CHANGE     -3128       CHANGE    -3464      CHANGE        336

Numbers fell this week as availability weakens across the supply area and although some excellent quality continues to be available the
yarding was generally more mixed. A large percentage of the offering were supplementary fed with few light sheep or lambs offered with little
participation from restockers or feedlot buyers. All the regular field of buyers were present and operating in a cheaper market across all

Domestic processors were keen to bid on pens freshly shorn, however, prices continued to follow down hill trends with another significant
price correction up to $20/head in place across trade weights. Light and medium trade sold from $148 to $176/head and heavy trade, 22 to
24kg, made from $174 and to $194/head, averaging 769c/kg cwt. A good supply of heavy lambs going to domestic and export processors
eased another $14, selling from $182 to $199/head. Export lambs eased $13, across all weights with lambs weighing, 26 to 30kg, making
from $193 to $218 and pens of over 30kg lambs sold from $218 to $230/head, averaging 684c/kg cwt. Light lambs to the processors continue
to be scarce with a phenomenal season across the supply area. Few pens made from $100 to $144/head, selling to weaker trends. The
occasional pen sold to a feedlot buyer from $140 to $146/head. Merino lambs eased again this week with heavy lambs selling from $162 to
$188, easing $11 and trade weights made from $135 to $169, easing $10 to $15/head.

Mutton numbers continue to be limited with prices softening $10 to $15/head. Heavy cross bred ewes sold from $170 to $220, averaging
610c/kg cwt and heavy merinos reached $214/head. Trade sheep sold from $131 to $152/head.