YARDING 9779 LAMB 5100 SHEEP 4679

Numbers lifted and the quality remains good week on week with further supplementary fed lambs on offer. Leading into the Easter break,
resulted in the absence of two processors from the regular buying group. Despite a smaller field, the competition was excellent with the sale
gaining momentum as it progressed. Heavy and export lambs were keenly sort after by some export processors selling in stronger market,
however, lambs to the domestic buyers eased $3 to $5/head overall.
Light and medium trade lambs were well supplied selling from $165 to $200 and heavy trade, 22 to 24kg, made from $191 to $211/head to
average 855c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs going to domestic and export processors gained $5, selling from $198 to $218/head. Heavy export lambs
were limited, however, well finished with the over 26kg lambs sold to a dearer trend making from $216 to $248 and again limited pens were
available of over 30kg lambs, reaching to $280/head, averaging 795c/kg cwt. Light lambs all sold to the processors making from $136 to
Mutton numbers increased by almost half with little change across the market. Heavy cross bred ewes sold from $210 to $247 with heavy
merinos reaching up to $215/head. Trade and light sheep were sold from $86 to $175/head.