Yarding 21352 Lamb 11971 Sheep 9381
Change 7452 Change 2015 Change 5437

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality was good. There was a good run of trade and heavy lambs and an increase in light weights and a few
more lambs drying off. There were a few extra pens of shorn lambs and most of the lamb market comprised of new season lambs. The
market sold to varying trends on lamb quality but was slightly stronger on light and trade lambs and close to firm on the heavy weights. There
was extra competition in both the lamb and sheep market, predominately on the heavier weights.

New season lambs to restockers sold from $82 to $145 and some of the drier lambs to feed, reached $150/head. The medium and heavy
trade weights to 23kg were $2 to $4 dearer, selling from $144 to $193/head, averaging around 780c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs averaged firm,
from $84 to $205 with extra heavy lambs selling from $201 to $274/head. New season Merino lambs reached $152/head. Heavy old Merino
lambs reached $181 and shorn new season heavy weights made to $240/head. Merino hoggets reached $199/head.

Mutton numbers improved and the quality was good. Prices were back slightly after last week’s strong sale. Medium weight ewes sold from
$115 to $145/head. Heavy crossbred ewes reached $210 and Merino ewes made $190/head.