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Comparison date 13/05/2019
Yarding 13600 Lamb 10550 Sheep 3050
Change 380 Change 50 Change 330

Agents penned similar numbers of mixed quality sheep and lambs. There were some excellent extra heavy export lambs offered weighing close to 40kg that created some competition amongst export processors resulting in another price lift in this category. All the regular field of buyers were present and joined by an extra processor operating in a mostly firm to stronger market across most categories. Restockers and feedlots buyers were again active in the market.

Heavy trade lambs sold $5/head better, with all domestic processors keen to fill orders. Heavy trade sold from $195 to $213/head, averaging 857c/kg cwt. The light and medium trade remained mainly firm, making from $158 to $204/head. Bidding was again strong for the light weight MK bag lambs, however prices eased up to $8 in places, as they made from $114 and $157/head. The portion of very light lambs secured by the restockers were making from $74 to $125, with feedlots taking home lambs from $124 to $166/head.
Well finished heavy lambs suiting the export and domestic market received from $206 to $225/head, going to a firm market. The extra heavy export lambs were also firm to $1 better, making from $214 to $243, with the over 30kg lambs increasing up to $19 due to competition and excellent quality, receiving from $243 to $302/head, reaching 806c/kg cwt. The best of the hoggets today sold for $234/head.
Again, very limited numbers of mutton was offered today, with the best of the 4 score crossbred ewes making $230/head, reaching 622c/kg cwt. Heavy 4 score Merino ewes sold from $144 to $174 and the trade sheep made from $102 and $150/head.


Comparison date: 14/05/2019
Yarding: 560 Change: 0

Numbers remained steady. Yearling cattle suitable for the trade were in greater numbers, with only limited supplies of secondary types. Heavy cattle numbers increased and quality was outstanding. It was the usual field of buyers in attendance and all were operating. A shortage of vealers distorted price trends. The limited number sold from 217c to 305c/kg. Well finished medium trade weight steers were unchanged to a few cents easier, making from 270c to 312c/kg. The better shaped heifers suitable for the trade were generally unchanged, receiving from 255c to 310c, while lighter weights sold to 295c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were keenly sought, gaining 1c to average 274c/kg. Well finished heavy steers and bullocks were in greater numbers. The better quality pens of prime C3 steers ignited the bidding, lifting 15c to average 307c/kg. Heavy C4 bullocks were the feature of the market, with prices gathering pace significantly due to the seasonal shortage. Well finished bullocks increased 19c, making from 272c to 314c/kg.


Comparison date: 7/05/2019
Yarding: 560 Change: -340

Numbers declined moderately. A larger percentage of the offering were secondary cattle, along with some very good supplementary fed stock. It was the usual field of buyers in attendance. Trade cattle were in limited supply, forcing buyers to bid strongly to secure stock with finish. Trade weight steers were in short supply, making from 270c to 325c/kg. The better shaped heifers suitable for the trade gained 9c, making from 243c to 318c/kg. Feeder steers were in reasonable supply. Buyer interest fluctuated for feed steers which was quality related. Medium weight feeder steers decreased 15c, receiving from 240c to 289c/kg. Well finished heavy bullocks and steers were in short supply. The better quality pens of prime C3 steers and C4 bullocks sold firm to 4c/kg dearer. Bullocks recorded a top price of 312c to average 285c/kg.


Wangaratta Weekly Market

Wangaratta Fat Cattle Market Report -23.5.2019

Yarding 365 Change -31

A similar yarding of 365 head came forward at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange. This was just 31 fewer than last week and comprised of 274 young cattle, 89 cows and 2 bulls. Again the lot fed cattle made up a big percentage of the offering. There were the odd pen of well finished grass fattened yearlings and the grown bullocks and heifers were practically non-existent. The 89 cows on offer were principally beef bred.
All buyers were in attendance and competed strongly. The bullocks and heifers were too few in numbers for a quote. The odd few grass fattened yearlings sold 2 to 4 cents above last week and the lot fed cattle remained firm on the rates of last week. The 89 cows penned sold at firm rates and light cos 5 cents dearer.
Bullocks +550 No quote
Steers 450-550 256.0 to 312.0
Steers -450 276.2 to 315.6
Heifers +500 No quote
Heifers -500 256.0 to 292.0
Lot Fed 296.6 to 336.2
Vealers 288.0 to 315.0
Cows Beef 160.2 to 210.0
Bulls 190.0 to 190.6